We build technology for humanity

Based on nuanced thinking, holistic action, and cutting-edge innovation.

Our products continuously raise the bar in the human flourishing space.
We nurture humanity’s potential to become the most resilient and compassionate civilization in history.
How do we help
Our products make self-discovery fun and growthful. We help you cultivate grounded self-awareness and confidence, so that you can navigate life boldly, productively, and happily.
Our products are seriously personalized. As you grow, they grow and become more helpful. They learn what works for you and what doesn’t on your journey to greatness.
They help you move from theory and insight to application and progress. Our products assist you in closing the gap between the current you and the most awesome you in unprecedented ways.
We love our brain. But let’s be honest.. it has limitations that sometimes can limit our growth. Our products help the brain with objective action-informing insights.
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Scientific Self-Discovery
Making self-awareness gains fun and scientific.
Tenacious Tracker
Discover what makes YOU happy, energized, and fulfilled.
Meet Paul, founder of Flourishing Humanity Corporation
I founded Flourishing Humanity Corporation because I was frustrated with the slow innovation in the well-being and personal development space.

There are already a lot of large-scale interventions (e.g., conventional apps, books, online courses, podcasts), but they don’t appear enough to steer us towards a flourishing future. To reach it, we need highly tailored, impact-measured scalable interventions that are seriously dedicated to bringing out our most noble nature.

AI might be the most promising path to deliver tailored and increasingly impactful interventions. However, at present, organizations strategically and boldly pursuing this path appear rare. FHC wants to be the Tesla for human flourishing: we’d like to be a leading contributor to the space, but we are already happy if we ‘merely’ contributed to fastening the timelines for great AI-based human flourishing products.

Based on my deep expertise from working extensively as a social scientist and life coach, I see many opportunities to build unprecedentedly impactful products that promote flourishing at great scale
The big picture
We build products for humanity, starting with people who are enthusiastic and serious about person growth and then motivating more people to get on board for the ride.
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